Quiet time is from 10 PM until 7 AM.

Campfires are allowed when burning is not prohibited or a public danger. Do not leave a fire burning in your absence. Make sure your fire is out and completely cooled prior to leaving. Please obey all fire safety standards.

Fences and or animal pens are not allowed.

Operating of a commercial business is not allowed inside the park without prior management approval.

Loud Music: Most patrons enjoy music; however, they don’t all listen to the same genre of music. This is an open space area. Please keep your music levels to a comfortable level as to not disturb others.

All RV lots have a waste disposal connection. Please pour all wastewater in the disposal connections and do not throw it out on the ground.

Tenants are required to do their own lot maintenance. If tenant is unable to do so they can contact park management and work out an arrangement for park staff to maintain their lot for a fee.

All lots must be kept clean of your trash. Please inspect your lot and clean daily.

SUB-LEASING of lots is not allowed.

Alcohol is allowed but not sold on the premises, however, being a public nuisance from over drinking is not allowed.

One RV is the maximum allowed per site. All RV’s must be in good working condition and appearance. Two operating vehicles in good condition are allowed per site, if additional parking becomes necessary for your visitors, please talk with the staff to find where to park. Please Park in the designated areas on your lot. Non-operating vehicles are not allowed. A dumpster is in the park by the restroom building.  All trash must be bagged then placed in the dumpster. Dumpster is for household waste only.

Utility connections are provided. Cost of utilities varies with lot amenities. Inquire with management to get an estimate of utility costs for a particular lot.

Sunshine Circle RV Park is privately owned, and the staff has all rights to terminate all contracts and privileges for violations of these rules or for being a public nuisance as determined by the management.

Sunshine Circle Campground is set up as a pay as you go or prepaid campground like state and national parks. To extend your camping beyond your final reserved date you must pay for the next period requested before your final reserved date. Prepayment before expiration automatically extends the contract for the same agreed time period. Non- Payment prior to expiration terminates lease contracts and lots revert to current daily rental amounts until a new contract is negotiated. After contracted expiration date all services and utilities are automatically turned off as the lot is prepared for the next group so, please plan with the staff prior to expiration of your existing contract.

Sunshine Circle RV Park is not responsible for accidents, thefts, damages or injuries.

Enjoy your stay and all comments are welcome.